Adhesive dispensing robot :STR-02 
The workpieces can be placed randomly, doesn’t need special jig, fixture. 
Suitable for glue, adhesive, color, paint dispensing on jewelry, stationery, light board, button etc.
Machine size:1330mm*1100mm*1850mm  
Station: dual stations , Weight:650kg
Rated power:2KW , Rated current:9A 
Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz 
Numbers of suction nozzle: 1 , Camera: 2000W pixels
Adhesive dispensing maximum speed 20000 pcs/hour. 
Accuracy 0.02mm
Effective itinerary: X 870mm,Y 370mm, Z 100mm 
Movement range: 400mm*300mm*2/500mm*400mm

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