Stone setting/adhesive dispensing robot :STR-01 
Can make stone setting and adhesive dispensing in one machine. 
The workpieces can be placed randomly, doesn’t need special jig, fixture. 
Minimum stone size  is  PP0, maximum PP30. Suitable for rhinestone, glass stone, acrylic stone, plastic stone, etc.
Machine size:1100mm*950mm*1830mm,  Weight:780kg
Rated power:2KW , Rated current:10A 
Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz 
Numbers of suction nozzle: 6 , Camera: 2000W pixels
Stone setting maximum speed 1000 pcs/hour. Adhesive dispensing maximum speed 30000 pcs/hour. 
Accuracy 0.05mm
Effective itinerary: X 500mm
Y 480mm, Z 60mm

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